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works created during University

The Koiora Spectacle, 2012


The Koiora Spectacle’ is a sculptural piece portraying the existence of a once-living species called the Onekina “Mare et terra”, a semi-aquatic mammal endemic to the Northern shores of New Zealand. ‘The Koiora Spectacle’ reflects on the genesis of life, provoking individuals to develop a subjective narrative in response to one’s own beliefs surrounding the nature of existence. The piece presents an analogy for the conception of life, as well as its fragility and its greatest creations. ‘The Koiora Spectacle’ is ultimately a commentary on the mystery of our past and present, sharing the narrative of a hypothetical organism's entire existence, from conception to extinction. Through this story, viewers are prompted to ask questions such as: Where did we come from? How did it all begin? How will it all end? We are relentless in acquiring seemingly unattainable answers. However, if the questions we ask are never answered with factual evidence, how can we accept our reality?

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