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To be blunt, the idea of writing a blog seems more or less like some sort of ego-trip down "LOOK AT ME" lane. I mean, look at my life, look how insanely great it is. It's so good I have a REASON to keep a blog and can therefore fill your very average life with some sustenance.

Obviously, I am having an existential crisis here about keeping a blog. So far, all of my blog posts have been about blogging. I'm just trying to create a prologue here before I continue my journey as a casual blogger. Maybe it'll stay that way. I'll just keep a blog about how silly blogging is.

I have some real fears though. I would say it's probably pretty comparable to how someone must feel if they are paid a large sum of money to do something absolutely mental on live television. Will people judge me? Will my life be too exposed to the universe? Who would read this? Why? Will this ruin my chance of ever landing a job? Will I destroy friendships and ruin my reputation as a person? All very realistic concerns that one must acknowledge before blogging.

Now that I've laid that down and opened up to you about genuine self-inflicted distress I have manifested due to these legitimate #FirstWorldProblems, I feel I can continue. Wow, what a weight lifted!


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