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Hello World!

For my third blog post I'd like to discuss something other then blogging. I should probably talk about my trip. After all, this is a travel blog is it not? In theory, yes. But I also understand that at this point this blog has more so been about the creation of this very blog. This is overkill, I know, but I'll get past it eventually.

Let's get balls deep.

Here I am, still in Edinburgh. Edinburgh has been great but I won't get into it too much. Right now it's all about the future. Fuck the present. That's horrible advice, don't do that. This ain't no Advice Blog, got it? Shit, there I go straight back into blog talk. I can't help it! Blogs are so weird!!!

Dear Blog,

Today I received a Rabies shot. I told the doctor that I'd like to get a rabies shot because I have the tendency to approach ravenous animals. He responded by telling me, "Well, don't do that...."

I am convinced that animals will respect me since I respect them. It's mutual. Treat others how you want to be treated applies to the animal kingdom as well. A dog will only bite you because it can smell that you're a corrupt son-of-a-bitch. UNLESS the fucker has rabies, then you're fair game. The problem is I am leaving in 10 days and a rabies vaccination requires 3 doses of injections over a 21 day period. So I'll be semi-protected. It'll be fine! Now I can touch almost ANY animal. I feel immortal! Next thing on the list: Medical insurance. Then there's really no stopping me.

Fact: I am a bit of a hypochondriac (aren't we all though, am I right?). I've also had some pretty unlucky times getting ill abroad, so there is legitimate reason for concern. Southeast Asia though... isn't it inevitable that you'll end up with some sort of parasite? Or malaria? It's "just a matter of time". Maybe that's very arrogant to say but I'd rather prepare myself for the worst. That way, if I don't get terribly ill during my trip I can justify spending so much money on vaccinations and medication. If I do, then I can sue the medical companies. That's how it works, right? It's a win-win.

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