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I LOVE packing. Being organised is sexy as fuck. Folding shit, photocopying documents, cramming things in packing cubes, and making 89 separate lists on "things I need do", are all things that make me genuinely happy.

The problem I have is, I don't necessarily prioritize that well. For instance, I've been writing blog posts all afternoon about blogging instead of looking up useful things like, Where should I stay when I arrive to Thailand? Or, what is my budget? Do I have money for this trip? No, I'd much rather fantasize about the idea of stuffing all of my things in a 35L backpack, doing a practice run several times, then going out to window shop only to remind myself "YOU DON'T NEED MORE STUFF".

I've done little research on the whole travel aspect to the trip, but MAN, do I have appropriate GEAR. After days of comparing products and prices online, and removing and adding things to my amazon shopping cart multiple times, I've bought myself the #1 Top Seller bug repellent online, a microfibre towel, an external phone charger, a camera remote, compact shampoo and conditioner, and so many bullshit things from the pharmacy. IT FEELS GREAT. I can't wait to make a post with a generic birds-eye-view shot of all the shit I'm bringing with a detailed product description. That's so hot right now.

I know going on about procrastination is redundant; everyone does it. You're doing it right now. I think it's more so my need to acknowledge how much of an idiot I am. I should technically be working right now, but no, no, I'd rather write about what an all-star procrastinator I am. Classic procrastination move. This is the issue I have with planning a trip. I despise the thought of researching things like, "How do I have the best time in Cambodia whilst being on a budget and also not feeling like a tourist?" Really, the key here is to be informed. Ideally, it would be great if I knew a bit about a place before visiting there so I have the best experience. Part of me really can't be asked though. This is my dilemma right now. It can be worse, I knooowwwwww OKAY?!

This is when the blog becomes a therapeutic outlet. Aka, a public diary. Sorry!

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