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Hey Blog, how's it going?

I think I may be a little anxious.

This will be the first time I will be properly traveling alone. What is possibly the most unnerving thing is thinking about my shocking sense of direction (by that I mean lack thereof). What I've learned in the past is to take the path opposite to what my gut tells me. I was absolutely hopeless in Edinburgh. Streets twist and turn and BAM just turn into new streets because why the fuck not? I'm sorry but WHERE is the giant tower to separate East from West and a lake to indicate the South from the North? To my surprise, not many cities are grids like Toronto- I'll tell you that. I was spoiled living in the T Dot (sorry- I mean the 6ix? Is that the hip new term now?). It was far too easy getting around. In the past I've been fortunate enough to travel with the SMARTEST people like my pal Marisa, a literal human compass. This will be a real test. I'll manage! It'll be great! It's going to be FINE.

I've landed in Germany and I am going straight to Bangkok from here. Is it weird I wish my layover was longer? I just want to chill hard in the airport right now and blog like a true blogger. #bloglife


Hate to say it! Don't want to start on a sour note here but that was easily the worst flight I've ever had. I don't want to get into it... because I'll sound like a total cunt... but OOOOH I'M SORRY, what's that Eurowings? I have to pay for my entertainment AND food? Oh I don't think so! I mean... I did. But I didn't want to. What is this? The 90s?! Okay fair enough, the flight was dirt cheap. But the whole beauty of flying is forgetting that the cost of food and entertainment was included in your fare. Any way, I'll get over it. I was so bored out of my mind I made a sketch to illustrate what a bitter asshole I am. Get ready for all of the #FirstWorldProblems.

PS Ended up making friends with the person beside me. We shared bits of chocolate (to survive) and he shared his earphones so we could both watch a movie from his screen. Blessing in disguise, no?

PPS I slept for maybe a maximum of an hour. God damn middle seats.

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